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EUR/RON exchange rate exceeds 4.6 units threshold

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) has announced on Friday an exchange rate of RON 4.6606/EUR.

The exchange rate is up by 0.06% against the level on Thursday, in the context in which other currencies in the region have depreciated against the EUR. Thursday, the European currency appreciated to RON 4.6579.

On Friday, the RON has depreciated against the EUR, in line with the regional trend. Other currencies in the region, such as the Polish Zloty, the Czech Crown and the Hungarian Forint, have depreciated on the interbank market against the European currency.

The US Dollar has appreciated from RON 3.7656 to RON 3.7886.

The Swiss franc has appreciated from RON 3.8879 to RON 3.8902.


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