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EUR, the lowest level against RON this year

The European currency has reached, on Monday, the lowest level against the national currency, according to the exchange rates posted by the National Bank of Romania (BNR), i.e. RON 4.6289 per EUR. The previous low was registered on January 15, 2018 of RON 4.6256 per EUR.

During the past week, the national currency appreciated against the EUR, with levels below 4.65 units and now below 4.63 units, on the background of increasing demand for liquidities. The demand has also led to increasing ROBOR Index at the beginning of the month, a period during which usually the index is stagnating.

In January, following the low level of RON 4.62 per EUR, the exchange rate soared to the historic high of RON 4.6679 per EUR on January 23, given the domestic political tensions.

The ROBOR index has constantly increased during the past week, from 2.54% on May 7 to 2.75% on May 14.


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