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European Commission, concerned about the amendments regarding justice

The European Commission has expressed concern on Thursday about the developments in Romania in regard to the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code and the other amendments to the legal framework regarding justice, hotnews.ro informs.

EC spokesman Christian Wigand said that “the Commission is following closely and with concern the current developments in Romania. As we have repeatedly stressed, the fight against corruption and an independent and professional judiciary are of upmost importance. This is also an important part of the Commission’s reports regarding the CVM. Within this context, we are closely following the judicial reforms and of the criminal codes in Romania. We will examine the legislation adopted and its compatibility with the EU and international relevant standards.”

The Chamber of Deputies adopted late on Monday the draft law on the Criminal Procedure Code, whereby prosecutors will be prohibited from giving information during criminal prosecution, on the same day the committee on the laws of justice gave a favourable opinion to this initiative.

The draft law amending and supplementing Law no.135 / 2010 on the Criminal Procedure Code was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies by 175 votes in favour, 78 votes against and one abstention.

USR Chairman, Dan Barna, said on Monday that USR will challenge the bill to the Constitutional Court (CCR), arguing that Romania is as of today, officially, a state of offenders, ziare.com informs.

PNL will also refer to the Constitutional Court the draft amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, Liberal Deputies’ leader Raluca Turcan said on Monday before the final vote on the initiative.

“PNL will challenge this draft bill to the CCR,” Raluca Turcan said.

The law will be sent for promulgation to President Klaus Iohannis, who can only return it once to Parliament for review and may refer it to the Constitutional Court.


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