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Ex-football manager Ioan Becali, to be released on parole

Former football manager Ioan Becali, sentenced to seven years and four months in prison in the file where he is accused of bribing ex-judge Geanina Terceanu to pronounce a favorable ruling in the footballer’s transfer file, will be released on parole, Ialomita Tribunal has ruled on Wednesday. The ruling is final.

Slobozia Court has also ruled for Becali’s release on parole in March this year, but the anti-corruption prosecutors have challenged the decision. Therefore, Ialomita Tribunal has practically maintained the Slobozia court’s ruling.

The former football manager has been imprisoned in February 2018 after the Supreme Court had sentenced him for good in this file, where he had been previously acquitted by judge Terceanu in 2012.

On February 20, this year, the Supreme Court has sentenced Victor Becali to 5 years and eight months in jail, Ioan Becali to seven years and four months, while Cristian Borcea was acquitted. They were accused they had given EUR 200,000 bribe to judge Geanina Terceanu so that she could acquit them in the transfers’ case. In her turn, judge Terceanu was sentenced to seven years in jail.

The prosecutors’ indictment say that the judge would have received EUR 195,000 during April 2009-May 2012, EUR 185,000 from Ioan and Victor Becali, and EUR 10,00 from Cristian Borcea.

Terceanu used EUR 56,000 of this sum to buy an apartment.

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