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Ex-Gov’t spokesperson Mirel Palada aggresses USR deputy Mihai Gotiu during TV show

Ex-Gov’t spokesperson Mirel Palada aggresses USR deputy Mihai Gotiu during TV show

USR senator Mihai Gotiu will file a complaint to the Police after he has been aggressed by Mirel Parada, former spokesperson of the Ponta Gov’t, during the advertising break of a political show aired on B1TV on Wednesday night.

The USR senator was punched in the face and kicked by Palada. They had a tough exchange of retorts in the first part of the TV show and after the break the anchorwoman announced the incident, with the show continuing in their absence.

Mihai Gotiu went to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Bucharest this morning to file the documents proving he has been aggressed. He also announced he would file a complaint against Mirel Palada to the Police.

The tests prove the aggression, I had injuries at one lip and at one leg, it’s nothing serious, but I have to testify the aggression,” said Gotiu.

He thanked all who sent him solidarity messages. “I assure you I will keep on fighting against abuses of any kind, including against the political hooliganism, but only by legal means,” Gotiu stated.

The media has tried to obtain a statement from Mirel Palada, but he doesn’t answer the phone.

Other two USR MPs, threatened by SocDem colleagues

USR deputy Iulian Bulai also claims he has been threatened he will be “executed” by PSD deputy Petre Florin Manole. The incident would have taken place in June this year, but the disclosure was made last night amid the scandal of the aggression of Mirel Palada on USR senator Mihai Gotiu. In retort, SocDem MP Manole says it’s “a lie”. Moreover, another USR deputy says he has been threatened also by a PSD lawmaker.

Bulai said he had been threatened by his Social Democrat colleague during a sitting in the last parliamentary session in June. “I confess that at the end of June, in the last sitting of the Committee for Equality, I was chairing the meeting as vice-president. PSD deputy Florin Manole entered the hall and after an exchange of retorts he told me that he would follow me all through these four years and execute me. I blacked out, my legs were wobbling under me,” Bulai recounted.

He also mentioned another incident that occurred yesterday in the Agriculture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where USR deputy Adrian Prisnel would have been threatened with death by Nicu Nita, PSD deputy of Braila.

During the debate in the agriculture committee, while USR said that the order allowing the killing of 140 bears is totally wrong, Nicu Nita made an incredible statement, saying: <I would kill all of you>. All of us from the USR. In the end, he continued the injuries, and even threatened a colleague,” said Adrian Prisnel.

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