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Ex-Interior minister Oprea asks to have his immunity lifted

Former Interior minister Gabriel Oprea sent the Senate Speaker and the leader of the Senate’s legal committee a letter asking to have his parliamentary immunity lifted in order to prove his innocence. Few days ago, the National Anti-corruption Directorate asked for the Senate’s green light to prosecute the ex-minister.

„I inform you that I don’t want to benefit of this procedural immunity, considering that the truth will be established, meaning my innocence.

In consider myself innocent, I have never asked anything to the Interior Ministry, have never benefitted of anything additional compared to the other resort ministers.

There is a plan of measures adopted before 2000, which stipulates the permanent protection and official convoy provided to the Interior minister, deputy premier.

Therefore, I ask my colleagues in the Senate to Ok the prosecution request in my case so that this period needed for the truth to be established should not be extended.

I consider my action will not harm either Senate’s image or the UNPR image, as it usually happens, unfortunately, every time this topics are at issue,” Oprea wrote.

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