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Ex-MISA leader Gregorian Bivolaru wins case against Romania to ECHR

The European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled on Tuesday that the Romanian state had broken the former spiritual leader of MISA, Gregorian Bivolaru’s right for a fair trial judged in a reasonable time, deciding that Romania must pay to him compensations worth EUR 1,200, plus the court charges, overall EUR 6,200.

On the other hand, ECHR has overruled the complaints filed by Bivolaru on his trial in his absence and on the lack of a reedy to the breach of the right for private right and for family right by wiretapping the phones.

The case refers to the sentence against Bivolaru for sexual intercourse with a minor.

The ECHR court panel has decided by six votes to one that Romania must pay compensations to the former MISA leader.

In June 2013, Gregorian Bivolaru has been sentenced by a Supreme Court’s final ruling to six years in prison, following a long lasting trial that started in 2004.

Imprisoned at Bistrita Penitentiary after the French authorities had extradited him in July 2016 to serve jail time in Romania in the file where he is charged with sexual intercourse with a minor, Bivolaru was released on parole on September 13 2017, as prosecutors hadn’t challenged the judges’ ruling to set him free.

There was no interdiction on his name to leave the country after the release, so, the former MISA leader has gone missing again. Apparently, Bivolaru would have fled the country on September 14, right on the day after he had been released from prison.

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