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B?sescu targets setting up new party

Ex-president Basescu announces his exit from politics after he ends senator term

Former president Traian Basescu has announced at B1TV private broadcaster on Thursday night that he will exit from politics after he ends his current senator mandate.

Currently leading People Movement Party (PMP), Basescu also proposed the Opposition parties to seal an alliance in order to beat the Social Democrat Party (PSD) at the upcoming elections. In his view, such an alliance is necessary, otherwise „PSD will stay in power for one more term.”

I will first refer to the European Parliament elections, which will be a disaster for the right-wing parties if they don’t find a political solution, for we’ll have to go every with its resources, some of us, like PMP, trying to obtain a better score than in the previous elections (…) each will try to obtain something more than the last time, but the EP elections will be a tremendous test and a clear picture of the potential that the parties that are opposing the PSD-ALDE alliance have. That’s why, I think a solution will have to be found before the EP elections, meaning that PNL, USR, PMP, and Ciolos’ platform will have to  make a joint list (…),” Basescu said.

He also pointed out that he cannot be the leader of this alliance, nor the chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban.

Two people cannot be the leaders of this alliance-me, for I don’t want to, and Orban, for he cannot. It’s clear that neither Orban, nor me, are able to tow the alliance (…) I have no personal stakes. It’s over. After this mandate (as senator), I will end my political activity,” the former head of state explained.

Orban sends Basescu off, to write books

However, the idea advanced by Basescu was not agreed by PNL chair Ludovic Orban, who sent a tough message to Basescu on Friday, saying the former president should let politics aside and start writing books.

I don’t think the best promoter of this idea can be Traian Basescu (our note: of an alliance among the Opposition parties). Liberal followers reject Traian Basescu in a 80% share. For us, any approach to Traian Basescu, makes us one step farther from the citizens. Maybe the best for Traian Basescu is to go and write some books, hold conferences, leave politics aside. He was President for ten years, he had all the power to achieve his projects. What he is doing now is only harming any force that is really fighting PSD,” Orban told a press conference in Timisoara.

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