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Ex-president Basescu makes new incendiary statements

Ex-president Traian Basescu files controversial amendments to the pardon law

Former president Traian Basescu filed several amendments to the pardon law, proposing the sentences below ten years in prison to be pardoned and to shorten convictions for mothers sentenced to crimes with no violence, including for corruption. The PMP chairman argues he has just proposed to cut the elements that are not constitutional.

The Government draft says that sentences in prison up to 5 years should be totally pardoned.

“The fact that there is a threshold up to 5 years for pardon will only determine judges apply harsher sentences for those people considered undesirable,” the former head of state said.

“I don’t want to obtain anything for me, but I noticed the cowardice of the political class. I refer to a pardon law that has unconstitutional elements. We’ll see the effects later on. I am just proposing to remove the unconstitutional elements,” Basescu told Digi24.

He slammed that the mothers who have children up to 14 years old, and who are sentenced for corruption, are exempted from pardon.

Traian Basescu also argues that according the current form of the pardon law some deeds for which the Criminal Code or the Tax Code “give acquittal options” cannot be pardoned.

“For instance: trespassing. It needs the complaint of the aggrieved party (…) or the aggravated theft. The criminal action is set on after the aggrieved party files a complaint, (….) I think there are deeds posing no social threat; as long as the law allows the parties’ agreement, I don’t see why they would not be pardoned,” Basescu says.

The PMP chairman also proposed that regardless of the deed and of the damages, be it corruption or not, the pardon should be allowed provided there is a commitment to pay the damages in three years.

“We have the issue of recovering damages from corruption deeds. The law says that those who have committed damages related to non-corruption deeds can be pardoned if they cover the damages in one year. It’s a law which is strictly addressing to the rich,” Basescu argued.


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