Video Game Addiction


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by Frankie Wilde


What is Video Game Addiction?

Video Game addiction can be defined as an uncontrolled or compulsive desire to play video games that produces a harmful effect upon other areas of the gamer’s life. It is necessary to understand the difference between someone who loves video games, echeck casinos and someone who is addicted to this kind of entertainment. That is why we need to discuss what this mental issue is, how to spot an addict, and what to do if you or someone you care about is addicted to gaming.

Symptoms of Game Addiction

Video games can be a nice little hobby, a harmless entertainment that helps an individual to kick back and relax for a while, and there is nothing bad about it until you enjoy it in moderation. As much as with all the other types of entertainment, problems start the moment you lose control and let your passion take over your normal way of living. The most typical sign of addiction is when a gamer starts to put their hobby over all the other important aspects of life: education, work, personal relationships, family, and personal well-being.

The second sign of any addiction is a deterioration of emotional stability: addicts become easily irritated, lack focus, lose control over their emotions, and act aggressively whenever they have no access to the thing they crave. Craving makes them act impulsively; they start to look for any excuse to do whatever it is that brings them the kick. Same as with drugs, addicts always look for the way to satisfy their craving by playing.

Possible Effects of Video Game Addiction

Addiction is never a good thing, and any sort of activity can be harmful when taken to the extreme. Video game addiction can produce an adverse effect on the player’s mental and emotional stability, physical health, and even financial well-being. There are people who are addicted to online casino gambling , so they would also spend tons of money on 5 dollar minimum deposit casino. Gambling is not a bad thing, as it is, but abusing this sort of entertainment is really harmful. Regular gaming, of course, can produce a critical impact upon the player’s psyche too.

If the player sacrifices all the other aspects of their life to indulge in gaming, they risk their relationship with other people, their career, their mental health, and their physical well-being as well. These detrimental effects can get even worse in case the player does not learn to balance out gaming and other aspects of their life, so this has to be the first step towards the treatment of the addiction.

Treatment of Addiction

Treatment of any sort of compulsive or uncontrolled behavioural pattern is complex and deeply individual to each patient. Usually, treatment includes replacing a destructive behavioural pattern with a positive one like engaging more into other types of activities. Some psychologists recommend the patients engage in physical activities that endue the same levels of excitement like competitive team sports. That way, these people can shift their interest towards more beneficial activities.

The other way is to negotiate the problem with the addict, make them understand that they can still play but make it a less harmful habit. It is necessary to make a person understand that this kind of entertainment is fun and that they are essentially a good thing but only when played in moderation. More so, this entertainment can be beneficial for people, and that is exactly what the addicts must understand – playing is not the problem, the abuse is.


To sum it all up, gaming addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people, essentially young people, around the world. Some play to escape depressing reality, some play to indulge in their basic desires, some play because of the neural stimulation they receive when playing. Both players and their loved ones need to understand where the line between a hobby and addiction is and never cross it. Games are fun, but we should always keep ourselves in check when enjoying this kind of entertainment.


¤ Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.

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