Will Real Money Mobile Gambling Overtake PC Gambling?


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Over the past two decades, we have witnessed a transformation of the gambling industry. When the gambling industry went online, the only ones willing to bet on their desktops were early adopters of the newest of all technologies – the Internet. But online gaming proved so much more convenient and available that is was soon embraced by a larger public.

When the technology of the Internet was first adopted, it dramatically changed the gaming world. And then, just a decade later, mobile technology allowed for a new change. The online gaming industry exploded with the adoption of mobile technology. Further, mobile gambling is widely regarded as the main contributor for the never-ceasing growth in gambling revenues.

According to 2016 figures, the online gambling industry has already surpassed land-based gambling in revenues. This comes as no surprise, given the fact that the web allows us to access online casinos any time, any place. Still, one question remains: will PC gaming retain its domination, or will mobile gambling overtake it, just like online gaming once overtook land-based gaming?

Desktop Gambling

Once, desktop computers were the only platforms through which you could access web-based casinos. In the dawn of the 1990s, Internet technology was still under development and as a result, online casinos had to invest a lot of resources to create a high-class online gaming site that runs smoothly and allows for a comfortable gaming experience.

Taking this into account, it comes as no surprise that a number of online gaming companies still develop casinos that run far better on desktops than on mobiles. That is not to say that mobile casino versions are not responsive, just that their navigation might be troublesome.

The fact that some online casinos still work better on desktops undoubtedly makes PC gaming a preferred choice, especially when you are planning to spend a few hours on your favourite poker or live roulette game. What is more, when you are playing on your PC, you can add another monitor, which can be of tremendous help when you are betting on sports and need to compare odds at bookmakers. On top of that, PC gaming allows you to enjoy gambling on a bigger screen with a better resolution, too.

Mobile Gambling

Without a doubt, desktop gambling offers a more comfortable gaming experience. And yet, mobile gaming, with its unparalleled accessibility, is becoming ever-more popular. According to estimations, over 60% of all people on the planet have access to mobile devices in one form or another; the percentage is only going to increase in the following years. Of course, we carry our mobiles everywhere we go, and thus we can access mobile casinos 24/7.

What is more, playing casino games at www.supercasinosites.com or on your mobile no longer requires the download of specific software or games, which makes mobile gaming more convenient than it was before. On top of all, real money gambling apps can now be downloaded from Google Play. True, this feature is only available to UK, French, and Irish citizens at the moment, but real money gambling apps will certainly become available to the wider public in the near future.

Last, but not least, an ever-increasing number of operators develop their online casinos in a fully responsive manner, which makes the sites compatible with not only desktops, but also tablets and mobiles, too.

If there is any downside to mobile gambling, it is that some payment methods are still unavailable for mobile gaming.

Which Form of Gambling Prevails?

There are no figures available on which form of online gambling – either mobile or desktop gaming – is more popular. Players use both their mobiles and desktops to indulge in casino gaming. That is largely because mobile games have evolved a lot over the past few years and today they are just as entertaining as their PC counterparts. Still, there are a few differences between desktop and mobile casino games.

When iGaming software developers design mobile casino games, they work with way smaller screens, which certainly affects the way games are designed. For one thing, you will rarely see a mobile casino game with thrilling background and ambient graphics and mind-blowing additional details. Rather, mobile games are created in a “cut-to-the-chase” manner – instead of paying attention to all aspects of a game, developers only include the core features of the game.

Action buttons are close at hand, whereas game rules and symbol information in slots are only accessible when you swipe the screen. Essentially, mobile games are created in a user-friendly way so that players can play them quickly and easily while travelling to and from work, etc.

Overall, we cannot say whether mobile gambling will overtake PC gambling, at least for the time being. However, such a scenario is most likely to happen, as iGaming companies already focus on the development of mobile games over desktop ones.

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