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Eximtur travel agency posts sales of EUR 55 M

The sales of Eximtur travel agency have exceeded EUR 55m in 2017, 15% more as against the previous year, a press release informs. The sales rise reported last year was mainly due to the Eximtur Business division, which has considerably expanded its portfolio of corporate customers. The business division, organizing business trips and events, has generated over 60% of the company’s total sales. Germany and UK have topped the ranking of the business travel destinations.

Over 95,000 tourists, 20% more than the previous year, have opted for local travel destinations in 2017, with the sales of vacations in the Romanian spa, mountain resorts and in the Danube Delta seeing the most dynamic rise, of over 50%, with a sale volume of over EUR 6 M. For a vacation in Romania, a tourist paid an average of EUR 157 last year.

2017 was also the year when Eximtur provided exotic destinations abroad such as in Tunisia, Bora Bora or Zimbabwe. Yet, Greece and Turkey have remained the main foreign travel destinations, with Turkey seeing a significant comeback in 2017.

Cyprus was the most dynamic foreign seaside destination, but others such as Egypt, USA, Denmark and South Africa were also high on the list.

Overall, 40,000 tourists chose to spend their holiday abroad through Eximtur, with the average value of the package being EUR 368 per tourist.

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