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Facebook admits blame for suspending the accounts of those who criticized the Romanian Police

Facebook Europe has committed a mistake in suspending the accounts of those who have commented and voted one-star reviews to the Romanian Police after the scandal of the cars with anti-PSD plated registered in Sweden.

Facebook representatives say, in a reply to hotnews.ro, that blocking was the result of an error in their automated anti-spam systems.

“We’re very sorry about this mistake. The profiles were removed in error by our automated systems and were restored as soon as we were able to investigate. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.  (…) I confirm that what we have investigated and discovered is the fact that the blocking was a result of an error in anti-spam automated systems,” the reply from Facebook reads.

The criminal file opened on the driver with anti-PSD car plates will be closed, the Police have announced on Friday they will propose to the Prosecutor’s Office to close the investigation. Moreover, the Police Chief has requested an investigation into the contradictory communications of his subordinates on the matter, digi24.ro reports.

Following the scandal of the past few days, the Romanian Police deleted on Thursday the review section of its official Facebook page.

The decision was made after the Romanian Police Facebook page was assaulted by tens of thousands of people who gave negative reviews after the police seized the license plate plates of a car registered in Sweden by a Romanian citizen, with an anti-PSD message.

Răzvan Ștefănescu, the driver from Sweden with anti-PSD plates, said on Tuesday, while at the Traffic Police offices, that he will file a criminal complaint because his son had to attend the hearings, which lasted several hours.

Ştefănescu, the owner of the car registered in Sweden with personalized plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), had his driving license suspended and the license plates confiscated by the Romanian Police on Monday.



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