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Famous Greek singer Demis Roussos dies at 68

Greek singer Artemios “Demis” Roussos has died at the age of 68 in Athens, Greek news agency Proto Thema reported Monday. The news agency did not name the cause of death.

Apparently, Roussos died on Saturday night, January 23, while hospitalized at “Ygeia Hospital” in Athens, Greece. The news of his death where confirmed by his friend and famous Greek journalist Nicos Aliagas who tweeted, on January 25, in both Greek and French.

Roussos, born in Alexandria, Egypt on June 15, 1946, has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

His most famous hits were Goodbye My Love, Goodbye, Forever and Ever, From Souvenirs to Souvenirs, My Only Fascination, and many more.

The singer, who has been struggling with his weight for years, retired from the showbiz in 1978 and dedicated to his family.

Yet, he released “The story of Demis Roussos” album in 1985, after being taken hostage during the hijacking of the plane he was traveling in June 1985. He has been militating since then for peace in the world and environment protection, while coming back on the scene.

Roussos has been married three times, and one of his former wives, Pamela is living now in Romania, being married to the son of late famous politician Ion Ratiu.

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