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Eugen Teodorovici to be the new Finance minister

FinMin confirms tax amnesty will be adopted very soon

After Prime Minister’s State Counsellor, Darius Valcov, announced Monday evening that the tax amnesty is included in the governing programme, it includes the cancelling of some companies’ debts, and that such things are ‘to be completed and not discussed,’ Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici confirmed for Digi24 on Tuesday evening that a tax amnesty is in store and the Government will adopt it very soon, more precisely this year.

Physical and legal persons fall under the sum of RON 100 billion, 17 billion would be the recoverable sum, while 3 billion would be corresponding to the physical persons,” Teodorovici said.

If the action is favorable to our economy, we come up with a very clear mechanism and if everything is OK, we’ll take this decision so that economy should benefit,” the Finance minister added.

He argued the action must be taken this year. “We want that everything that has to be adjusted should happen this year, massively and as soon as possible, to enable investments in all economic areas, as a state you can encourage public investments,” the minister stated.

He denied there is any ‘hidden idea’ in this matter.

The Finance ministry is discussing only ideas that would come to support the business environment, there is no hidden idea within the ministry (…) It will be dialogue, a debate, nobody is taking any measure without discussing it first with all the parties involved, to see which are the benefits,” the minister concluded.

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