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FinMin lobbies against minimum wage in the private sector

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici, has voiced doubts about the utility of the minimum wage in the private sector in Romania. In an interview to dcnews.ro, the minister has stated that the minimum wage should be preserved only in the public sector and that it should be replaced in the private sector by an incentive system granted to the employers who choose though to pay this minimum wage.

Most of the EU countries have a minimum wage, except for Italy, Austria and the Scandinavian countries.

The FinMin also criticised the state employees. “If 20% of them leave tomorrow, there would be no problem at all, on the contrary, maybe it would be better,” Teodorovici said,adding that it is not normal indeed that salaries in the state sector are higher than in the private sector, the more there are other benefits in the public field as well. “Annual evaluations are formal, everybody gets very good grades, we are all super heroes, which is obviously not exactly this way,” Teodorovici added.

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