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Five British writers and a London-based publisher in Bucharest next week

Five British writers and a London-based publisher are coming to Bucharest next week to redact translations together with students from the University of Bucharest and other universities from Romanian young short-story authors within a unique initiative, “Lidia Vianu’s Students Translate” masterclass due on April 16-21.

So, for five days, the Romanian Cultural Institute (38 Aleea Alexandru in Bucharest) and the National Museum of the Romanian Literature (MNLR) will host several events when stories written by such Romanian writers as Dan Lungu, Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, Lavinia Branişte, Marius Chivu sau Radu Paraschivescu, previously translated by Romanian students, will be redacted by the British guests.

The version of these mixed British-Romanian teams will be published in a bilingual anthology of contemporary prose, both in print at the MNLR publishing house, and also online at the “Contemporary Literature Press”, the Bucharest University’s online publishing house.

The Masterclass will end on April 21, at 5 p.m. at the MNLR headquarters on 8 N. Cretulescu street, with the one-woman show “The Fever”, performed in English by Măicănescu and adapted from a Wallace Shawn’s text, directed by Lars Norén. The access is free.

Who are the British writers?

Susan Curtis is a writer, interpreter and manager of Istros Books publishing house based in Bloomsbury, London, specialized in translating and releasing books from the SE Europe.

Anne Stewart is a literary agent, poet and founder of several online platforms for female writers.

Caroline Carver is the author of six poetry volumes and winner of several literature prizes.

Kavita A. Jindal, author of short stories, poems and essays, published in various anthologies and magazines in UK and worldwide, some broadcast on BBC. She won the Foyles/Vintage ‘Haruki Murakami’ prize last year and the Word Masala Award for Excellence in Poetry in 2016.

Peter Phillips, is a renowned London poet, author of five poetry volumes.

Dorothy Yamamoto, poet, spend her childhood in London where his Japanese father and British mother had established. She currently lives in Oxford.

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