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Florin Iordache: We will not include all the Venice Commission recommendations. The CCR decisions have priority

The head of the Parliamentary committee on justice legislation, Florin Iordache says he will not include all the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

“No, of course not. I have also told them, for example, that a recommendation from the Venice Commission, on which they insisted, was the one with the special section (to investigate the magistrates – our note) and I said that in no case can this recommendation be taken over, especially now that it has been shown that over half of the magistrates in Romania had files opened on their names, this section proves its usefulness,” Florin Iordache said on Monday for RFI Romania.

He has denied having asked the Venice Commission for assistance. “No. They discussed the Emergency Ordinance 92, the last one regulating many of the observations made by the Venice Commission in the summer, and their response was: it was a very short time, we cannot say, if these matters are desired, a request for assistance may be made. I repeat, this Ordinance reaches Parliament, that’s what I said there, and meanwhile, we can discuss it.”

“The priority for us is the decision of the Constitutional Court (CCR). That’s what I said, and that’s what I tell you, because in the end, the CCR also aims to bring Romania’s legislation in line with the European legislation and with the treaties to which Romania is party,” the PSD Deputy has told RFI.

Disappointed by the Venice Commission

On the other hand, Florin Iordache says he is disappointed by the Venice Commission.

“I was disappointed, because they issued a previous pronouncement, I’ve asked for one thing: let’s wait for the CCR decisions, we cannot listen to just one point of view, yours, let’s see what the Court says, then we will choose between the two; the decisions of the CCR are the priority for us, we will choose the best solution. It has been seen that there were many mistakes in the first report that concerned the laws of justice, which were later recognized and amended.”

Asked who should assume responsibility for the upset of the judiciary, the PSD Deputy replied: “Well, in the end, the Parliament is the only authority in Romania that can amend a law (…). After all, the laws are being made and dissolved in Parliament, no law is perfect. As long as we have an opinion, we express it here in Parliament. I do not think that opinions have to be expressed elsewhere.”laws of justice


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