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Former PM Dacian Ciolos: The President has in hand several levers to stop Liviu Dragnea

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos believes the President has in hand several levers to stop Liviu Dragnea. It is about constitutional levers and also related to the position’s symbols.

“It is not about the President’s demonstration of power, but the President’s duty: to be firm in public statements, mainly by using all instruments allowed by the Constitution,” Dacian Ciolos said for Digi24 TV private broadcaster.

Asked about a possible referendum, Ciolos says it could be one of the instruments to be used in such a situation, together with other instruments for the President, the citizens and the parliamentary parties. He warns we face a more important moment against the previous months, whereas the opposition should negotiate and find a solution in Parliament.

Ciolos argues that PSD leader Liviu Dragnea had a speech Sunday evening wanting to let Romanians get used to the idea that amnesty and pardon are a national objective and that the European Union is struggling against Romania, not against the Dragnea regime.

The former Premier believes there are people in PSD who are afraid, they understand the meaning of signing such a decision. Therefore, the PSD leader continues to press his own people, mainly to induce the idea to the citizen that an emergency ordinance would be normal, anyone could be wrong and it’s all right to forgive the wrongdoing because he was forced to do so.

“This is what Dragnea is trying to do: someone made him make mistakes,” Ciolos says.

“The fact that he used public money is the same with crossing the street on the red light, he is trying to reach the Romanians’ mercy for him, the one trying to save Romania, but the judiciary is not allowing him to do so,” Ciolos said.

The PSD National Council took place on Sunday in Bucharest. Party chairman Liviu Dragnea delivered a huge one-hour-and-a-half speech. Dragnea said that there have been voices at the PSD National Council who requested an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon that should be adopted by mid-January, arguing it would be “an amnesty” on Centennial. At the same time, one of the PSD chairman’s orders to the party was to file a criminal complaint against President Klaus Iohannis for high treason.

Former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos announced in Cluj-Napoca on Saturday that he and his followers have registered a new political party, the Liberty, Unity and Solidarity Party (PLUS), due to the fact that the request to register the Romania Together Movement (Miscarea Romania Impreuna) is dragging on in court.

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