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Four days of good experiences at UX Bucharest 2017

The second edition of the UX Bucharest event was held at Sheraton Hotel during October 3-6, with over 300 User Experience Design and Customer Experience specialists having the opportunity to meet top experts from various countries.

The first three days were dedicated to eight workshops tackling the challenges the Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX) professionals face.

The wide experience of the facilitators inspired the participants, who managed to identify solutions that can be applied to the problems they are facing, but also to develop certain abilities in this respect. Among debated topics: “How can you create a memorable experience for the customers,” “How can you turn a good design in an awesome one”, or “How can you use research-driven data to exactly identify the problem and to find the best solution”.

Workshops have been performed by experts such as Adrian Swinscoe and Fred Montijn, both CX advisors and facilitators, but also Gregg Bernstein, Giulia Calabretta, Cennydd Bowles, Juho Paasonen, Andre Jay Meissner, Jared Spool, Dana Chisnell and Scott Gould, famous in the UX Design industry.

October 6 was fully dedicated to the inspirational talk shows, enabling participants to get inspiration, learn and extend their expertize field, but also to know people with whom to share the vision and the passion for the two fields.

Internationally renowned speakers also tread the conference’s board: Phil Clevenger (Design Director Adobe), Andy Budd (CEO Clearleft) and Jonah Becker (VP Design Fitbit). They have provided information about the importance of the research in the field, about the memorable experiences and how you can develop them, about a balanced product strategy and about what innovation actually means.

More details available at www.2017.uxbucharest.com.

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