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GEO on the justice laws, published by the Official Gazette with a 30-hour delay

The emergency ordinance on the justice laws adopted by the Government on Monday morning has been published in the Official Gazette 30 hours after its adoption. There were no explanations for the delay.

Among the most controversial provisions of the new GEO there is the one that prosecutors must meet some seniority and professional experience standards.

However, that would negatively affect tens of prosecutors who don’t have such seniority, but who are working on ongoing files. There are tens of prosecutors in this situation at the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA); most of them are appointed following a contest, but who don’t have the required ten-year experience.

Justice minister himself told on TV that the new provisions will leave including Laura Codruta Kovesi without the leadership position in the Public Ministry (she is currently chief prosecutor of the Guidance and Control Service).

The Military Prosecutor’s Office is encountering the same problem, as prosecutors assigned from other bodies who don’t have the necessary seniority are working on major files such as the 1989 Revolution or the case of the gendarmes’ violence during the Diaspora rally in August.

You can read about other provisions of the GEO here.

Liberal leader slams the opacity

The leader of the Liberal deputies, Raluca Turcan, has stated that it is hard to explain why the delay of the emergency ordinance on the justice laws in the Official Gazette. She opined that in this case there is „the benefit of theft”.

It’s hard to explain that, on one hand, there was the government sitting when ministers were trying to save the supreme leader’s skin, and on the other hand the Official Gazette, which promptly followed orders in previous situation, seems to not react. We hope that on its way from the Victoria Palace to the Official Gazette, the shock team of PSD will not intervene to come off well for Liviu Dragnea’s criminal file,” said Turcan.

She argued that the fact the GEO text has not been made public is a proof of „rebate from the democratic principles”.

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