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Get ready for Christmas in mid summer! Two direct flights from Bucharest to Levi in December
Paralela 45

Get ready for Christmas in mid summer! Two direct flights from Bucharest to Levi in December

Two flights are available from Bucharest to Levi, Finland in December this year through the new packages launched by Paralela 45 tour operator. The first departure is on December 19 and the second on December 23.

The charters are operated by Blue Air, with tourists being able to reach the Santa Claus’ land in just 4 hours.santa

The packages are for five days, four nights, including the air-travel tickets, accommodation at 4-star hotel in Levi, half-board meals (daily breakfast, three dinners at the hotel and a festive dinner at a local restaurant, when Santa will also bring presents to the children), a trip “Meeting with Santa Claus and family” with snack included, a one-day trip to Rovaniemi to visit the Santa Park and Santa Claus Village, a lunch at a restaurant in Santa Park, husky safari on a 2.5-km distance, transfers from airport to hotel and back to airport, surprise present for children, thermal insulation clothing, English guides, medical and storno insurances.

The accommodation is available at Levi Panorama Hotel and the Sokos Hotel in Levi ski resort.

Paralela 45 also announced early booking discounts until August 31. For the departures on December 19, the prices are EUR 1,523 for an adult and EUR 1,181 for a child if booking by August 31. For the departure on December 23, an adult will pay EUR 1,726 and a child EUR 1,314 within the early booking packages. The airport taxes are not included.

According to Paralela 45 CEO, Alin Burcea, last year there was only a departure to Levi on December 23, but this year they “dared” organize a second departure for lower prices, thus providing the tourists with the opportunity of celebrating Christmas twice, once in Lapland in advance and also at home.20476318_10154956686737972_5410792575358330383_n

In her turn, the sales manager Corina Enache admitted that Finland is not a cheap country to visit, but the prices and the included offers and trips make it worth, considering the unique experience of meeting Santa Claus, of going beyond the polar circle, of feeding the reindeers with reindeer moss or seeing the northern lights. “The experience for children is fantastic, like wise for adults,” she said.

The tour operator’s general manager, Ondina Dobriban said that 30% of the packages for Lapland have been sold so far, but the expectations are that most of them will be sold in September. According to her, the packages for Levi in December were fully purchased since October last year.0-0-Resize_Laponia_134218658

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