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Gov’t eyes tax amnesty for debtors

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has told a press conference in Bistrita there are talks within the ministry regarding a tax amnesty and it has nothing to do with President Iohannis, who should pay RON 1.2 M to the state, as prejudice from renting a house.

„Tax amnesty is a topic in progress within the Finance Ministry, but it doesn’t refer to Mr. Iohannis. It is a potential mechanism to stimulate the Romanian economy. I will not detail on this idea, but such a mechanism is in progress and we’ll discuss it in the Government in the coming days to see if such a measure can be enforced and what will be the effects,” Teodorovici said.

„It has nothing to do with Mr. Iohannis, moreover, this measure would not apply to him. So, he has nothing to do with the tax amnesty. So, he cannot get away with the sum he has to return to the state (editor note: RON 1.2 M),” the FinMin added.

The minister also stated that amnesty has no threshold, and the people targeted by this measure „can get away with the penalties and half of the interests the same way as in 2015”.

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