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Growing tensions between PSD leader and Justice Minister
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Growing tensions between PSD leader and Justice Minister

Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea has criticised again, on Thursday, the Justice Minister Tudore Toader for ‘delaying very much’ the law package on justice reform.

“The Justice Minister should show us the plan to solve the problem of penitentiaries. Is the pardon law enough or not? Have they set an investment programme for new penitentiaries, have they set alternative sources, proposals, have they set a modernization programme for the existing penitentiaries? I am waiting to find out if the Justice Minister has drawn a plan so far, a law package. It seems Mr. Minister is late and I believe he cannot delay it no more. He said he would come with proposals in three weeks, he hasn’t. The pardon law will be tacitly approved because the Justice Minister is not bringing forward the proposals,” Dragnea said.

Informed by the journalists that the Justice Minister has announced public debates on the criminal codes, Liviu Dragnea said ironically he would request audience to Toader.

Minister Toader: Thorough work is needed

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Thursday that the law package on justice could be submitted to parliament tomorrow, however for a thorough approach a complete evaluation is needed. Toader said the package of laws dates back in 2014.

“If we want to do things by leaps, to fill in here and there, we can send the package tomorrow. If we want to do a thorough, rigorous work, both in substance and in form, we have to make a full assessment of the three laws (…) we need to make an assessment from the first to the last article. We need to consult the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM), all the institutions involved in the act of justice, to have transparency in decision-making, the Government approves the package and then we submit it to Parliament as a draft bill. Only at that moment can we have the consciousness and the heart that we have build a process that is functional, viable, necessary to the system of justice. Only at that moment can we consider that the amendments to the law package on justice will really be able to improve the justice activity,” Toader said at Victoria Palace.tudorel toader

The minister said the government will conduct a rigorous evaluation of the four codes – criminal code and criminal procedure code, civil code and civil procedure code – adding that the current codes are inconsistent with the constitution and with the European norms.

Regarding penitentiaries, Tudorel Toader said: “We have complementary solutions in terms of legal framework, law enforcement, upgrading the existing penitentiaries, completing the construction of two new penitentiaries.”

PM Grindeanu: The law package will be submitted to parliament when the public debate is over

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu said on Thursday that the draft bill for making consistent the criminal codes with the Constitutional Court decisions will be sent to parliament only when the public debate is over.


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