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Headmistress of arts high school in Focsani resigns over sexual scandal with a pupil

Vrancea  School Inspectorate has started an investigation after some indecent photos featuring the headmistress of the arts high school „Gheorghe Tattarescu” in Focsani and a pupil have been posted on Facebook and released in the local media. The headmistress has resigned on Monday.

The scandal broke out in the weekend when several indecent photos have been released in the local media and on Facebook, featuring the schoolmistress Diana Taicutu and a 12th grade boy. One of the photos depicted a woman and a young man embracing, while another photo revealed them getting undressed.

Sources close to the woman said the case is a revenge set up by the headmistress’ former husband, who would have taken the captures and then released them on the Internet.

Now the inquiry committee established at the Vrancea School Inspectorate are trying to find out if the case is true and if so, when the alleged amorous encounter could have taken place, as the pupil, although he is major now, might have been minor when the photos had been taken.

According to Adevărul.ro, the resigning headmistress has asked for the withdrawal of all photos released in the media and on the Internet, threatening she will sue them.

„My intimate and private life cannot be a media story just to serve my former husband in the divorce trial,” Diana Taicutu said, while announcing she had filed a criminal complaint her ex-husband.

Even if a relationship with a 20-year-old adult, namely 14 younger than me, intervened in my private life, I would not allow anyone to harm my personal life for this,” the teacher wrote to a local publication.

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