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High Court upholds DNA request to reopen criminal investigation in Tel Drum file against Liviu Dragnea

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) has upheld on Monday the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) request to reopen the criminal investigation in a file concerning PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea. The Teleorman Court is to discuss on Tuesday a similar request regarding the company Tel Drum.

DNA filed the request on July 3 about the ‘confirmation of reopening the criminal file’ (article 335, paragraph 4 of the new Criminal Procedure Code, ziare.com reports.

ICCJ has confirmed the reopening of the criminal investigation in rem (on the offense) for abuse of office against public interests,

The file involved Liviu Dragnea, but also other persons such as Mugur Bataus, Victor Piperea, Gheorghe Giui, Ion Mirancea, Victorita Pascutu and Marian Fiscuci.

A similar request is to be discussed on Tuesday by the Teleorman Court. DNA has requested the reopening of the investigation on the company Modul Proiect SA, belonging to Tel Drum Euroconstruct Trading ’98 and to Doru Catalin Gudei, project engineer.

The investigations in the two files had been closed by the DNA prosecutors, however the investigators have found new clues in these test cases, concerning the way Tel Drum received public contracts, including from European funds.

Both files are related to a third one, opened against Liviu Dragnea, whereby the PSD leader is charged with being behind the Tel Drum company. The charges consist of two offenses of abuse of office, two offenses of fraud involving European funds and the setting up of an organized criminal group.

Last week, Liviu Dragnea said there’s no surprise that the DNA has requested the reopening of the file involving him and that he did not know at the time he had been investigated, he only received, after five years, the decision of non-prosecution.

The Tel Drum company and businessmen Petre Pitis and Mircea Visan – as representatives of the company – were indicted by the DNA in late December 2017 in a file regarding the European funds embezzlement, where the prejudice amounts to over EUR 1 million.

The company, alongside the two businessmen, was sent to court for using or presenting false, inaccurate or incomplete documents and statements in bad faith, if the deed results in obtaining undue European funds, with extremely serious consequences, DNA said in a press release.

Later on, the DNA prosecutors ordered a change in legal classification in the sense of retaining the aggravated form of the initial offenses and the launching of a criminal procedure against Tel Drum and its representatives.

In the same file are also investigated Florian Neda, representative of Tel Drum, Florian Ion, representative of WFA Impex SRL, as well as WFA Impex SRL.


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