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Holzindustrie Schweighofer to implement GPS tracking system to monitor direct timber deliveries

HOLZINDUSTRIE SCHWEIGHOFER (HS) is currently developing and implementing a GPS tracking system for its direct timber deliveries. The system will be operated by one of Romania’s major mobile network providers.

In December 2016 HS started to equip all trucks delivering logs to HS’ saw mill and collecting sites (log yards) with GPS devices.Hannes Plackner

„Suppliers and transporting companies will have to present the route taken by the trucks in addition to all documents requested by law/regulations/standards. The GPS track will be investigated thoroughly. This makes sure that (a) the truck really origins from the site specified in the documents and (b) that the transporters can’t make detours and abuse documents issued for HS to deliver illegal timber to other processors” says Hannes Plackner, Project Manager Holzindustrie Schweighofer.

The procedure for Timflow-verified truck loads is the following:

  1. At the loading point, the truck driver takes pictures of the load, enters the Aviz- and the license plate numbers and pushed the start button. The transport is marked as “started”
  2. During the transport, a GPS tracker, which is built into the trucks wiring, records the position in 30 sec. intervals and submits this data to a cloud-server
  3. When the truck arrives at our saw mills. The transport is marked as “arrived” by HSR-employees. Automatically, the dataset is displayed on a tablet of the HSR gate manager. This data includes:
  4. Pictures taken at loading
  5. Number of the Aviz
  6. License plate
  7. Route of the truck
  8. HSR’s gate manager verifies this data. If they observe irregularities, e.g. an unexplainable detour during the route or differences between the pictures in the forest and the load that arrives, the truck will not be accepted.Schema Log Tracking

After a waiting period of 24 hours (to respect the personal rights of the truck driver) the load’s dataset will be displayed on timflow.com where the general public can look up transports, request the documents of the load, and report observations to HSR. HSR will immediately investigate these findings and respond to the claimant if the findings can be confirmed, if the case was handed over to the authorities or if there is no evidence for violations.

The datasets for each arriving load will be published once the system is fully operational (scheduled for Q1/17).

At the moment, more than 185 trucks are already equipped with the Timflow-GPS tracker. At the end of the first quarter 2017, it will be more than 400.

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