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How many kilometers of potholes Romania has?

The area of the existing potholes on the Romanian roads total 88 square kilometers, reads a statistics released by the National Road Infrastructure Company, which has announced on Monday the start of the rehabilitation works of the roads.

The total network of national roads and highways mounts to 16,000km in Romania.

The works to fill the potholes are scheduled on a total area of 619,040 square km, with ongoing rehabilitation works on 24,195sqm.

The largest areas covered with potholes are in Brasov (200,000sqm), Bucharest (72,290sqm) and Cluj (55,850sqm) and the fewest holes are reported in Timisoara (17,640sqm), Constanta (25,030sqm) and Craiova (51,450sqm).

Repairing works have kicked off on April 1 and are to last until June 30.

If the National Road Company claims that EUR 25 M had been allotted for the repairing and maintenance works on roads and highways, Transport minister Lucian Sova used to say several weeks ago that at least EUR 4 billion are needed to cover all potholes in Romania.

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