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Interior minister to the Academy Police students: The ministry is the target of repeated attack

Interior minister Carmen Dan has delivered a message with political overtones to the first-year students of the Police Academy in Bucharest, during the military taking-oath  ceremony on Friday. Carmen Dan stated that the Interior Ministry is the „target of some repeated attacks”, advising young future policemen to have „clear conscience” knowing “they’ve acted in compliance with the laws in force”.

As a parent, I have the feelings experienced by every parent present here today, a joy, endless love and pride feeling. I want to tell you that we’ll make your work easier from now on. You took care of them until today, we will take care of them from now on (….) As a minister, I feel a great pride today that we have 580 young beautiful future officers in front of us,” minister Dan stated,

Dear students, you are putting on the police uniform at a moment when the Interior Minister is the target of some repeated attacks that can generate the decline of the population’s confidence in this fundamental state institution. Why? Or who has to win following such approach? There are questions that don’t deserve an answer today. But I know you pay attention to what is happening in the public space and it’s normal,” the minister also told the police academy students.

She underlined that she would not avoid the scandal topic, while giving students some pieces of advice.

„To be a police officer means accountability. There are people who are easily intimidated, but this sort of people have nothing to do in our ministry. As long as you have a clear conscience, you know you’ve acted in compliance with the laws in force. No one should intimidate you, whoever might be. Nobody is above the law and the respect of the law is your only protection and guarantee,” the minister concluded.

Almost 600 youngsters, accepted to the „Alexandru Iona Cuza” Police Academy in Bucharest have taken the military oath during a ceremony on Friday. The 2018 generation has 200 girls and 380 boys.

Gendarmerie chiefs and those who coordinated the intervention on August 10 of the Diaspora protest were prosecuted in this file a week ago.  The chiefs Cătălin Sindile, Sebastian Cucos, Laurentiu Cazan, as well as Chief Police Commissioner Mihai Dan Chirică, State Secretary for Relations with the Prefects with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were prosecuted for complicity to abuse of office and complicity to abusive conduct, or for abuse of office, abusive conduct and forgery.

Interior minister Carmen Dan said she is not afraid that will be also charged in the August 10 protest file, arguing she did nothing wrong. She said she had not been subpoenaed so far.

As for the declassification of the documents in this file required by the Prosecutor General, minister Dan mentioned a committee within the ministry is reviewing this request and will decide on a partial disclosure of the information.

New complaint against former Gendarmerie chief

USR deputy Stelian Ion has filed a denunciation against Sebastian Cucos, the former head of the Gendarmerie, accusing him of misleading the judicial bodies and of lying when he said that there had been a coup d’etat attempt on August 10 during the Diaspora rally. 28 other USR lawmakers have signed the denunciation.

The MP argued that Cucos’ statement is “a ridiculous lie” and that the criminal complained filed by the Gendarmerie to DIICOT, claiming a coup d’etat, has three goals.

The first goal is to give a truthfulness appearance and an argument to Liviu Dragnea when he was deluded on all TV channels that a coup d’etat attempt had taken place. The second goal represents a procedural tease, for he wants this file to be taken over by DIICOT. The third reason is to use it as a defence weapon in the file 18/2018 where he is being investigated. It seems he has the same advisers as Mr. Liviu Dragnea, on the ground that the best defence is the attack,” Stelian Ion pointed out.

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