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International Living Statues Festival soon in Bucharest

Masca Theatre invites everyone at the 6th edition of the “International Living Statues Festival” in Bucharest during June 16-20. The event is hosted by three different venues this year.

The living statues will be on display in Filipescu-Cesianu House’s garden (Calea Victoriei), in Crangasi Park and in Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park.

According to Mihai Malaimare, Masca Theatre founder, Bucharest is among the fewest capitals in the world where the living statue has such an event. By this international event Masca Theatre is endorsing the project Bucharest, the European Culture Capital 2021.

As Romania is marking Brancusi year, the festival will use two living statues embodying the great sculptor in his Paris atelier and one representing one of his famous works, “The Prayer”.

The festival will bring together over 40 living statues presented for the first time by Masca Theatre, and also 20 foreign guests from the Netherlands, USA, Israel, Macedonia, Germany, UK, Portugal and Russia.

The entrance is free. Details and programme available at www.masca.ro.

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