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Iohannis- Dăncilă conflict. President refers to CCR the taking over by deputy-PM Stănescu of the Gov’t helm during PM’s vacation

President Klaus Iohannis has referred to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) on Friday a request on a legal conflict of constitutional nature between the Prime Minister and the President, as Viorica Dăncilă decided that deputy Prime Minister Paul Stănescu would take over the duties of chief executive for one week, stiri.tvr.ro informs.

President Klaus Iohannis says in the referral sent to CCR President, Valer Dorneanu, that on July 31 the head of the Government, Vasilica-Viorica Dăncilă, issued a decision for the exercise of certain duties. According to the decision published by the Official Gazette, Paul Stănescu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, will take over the duties of Prime Minister in terms of operative leadership of the Romanian government.

“The constitutional role and the specific nature of the prime minister’s duties imply that she will exercise her duties permanently and uninterruptedly wherever she is, including on holiday,” President Iohannis points out.

“Nevertheless, whenever she thinks that she is unable to exercise her powers, even on this occasion, constitutional provisions on the interim office of prime minister become valid,” the head of state says.

“By the Prime Minister’s failure to notify the President of Romania on the impossibility to exercise the duties during August 6-13, 2018 and her action to appoint another member of the Government to temporarily exercise the duties of prime minister, by issuing a document (Decision No. 247/2018), exceeding thus the competences established by the Constitution, a legal conflict of a constitutional nature has arisen between the two authorities,” the head of state stresses.

As of Monday, Premier Viorica Dăncilă goes on vacation for a week. Thus, until August 13, the head of the executive’s duties will be taken over by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development, Paul Stănescu.

According to hotnews.ro, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă talked to President Iohannis Friday morning to discuss her leaving on vacation and the takeover of duties by Deputy Prime Minister Paul Stănescu.

The Constitutional Court of Romania has set August 14 as the deadline for transmitting the views of the Government and of the Presidency on the conflict between powers, official sources said on Friday.

Paul Stanescu: We will observe the CCR decision

Deputy Prime Minister Paul Stanescu said on Friday, after presenting the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration’s balance sheet, that he and Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă will observe the decision of the Constitutional Court on the referral made by President Klaus Iohannis.

“I have seen the news before coming to the press conference, it is the President’s decision, of course, the Prime Minister and I will observe the CCR decision, I believe that in this conflict the CCR will make a decision as soon as possible and surely we comply to the decision. We all have to observe the Constitution and the laws of the country, regardless who we are and whatever the position,” Paul Stanescu said.

file photo: PM Dancila and President Klaus Iohannis


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