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Iohannis met Romanians in Spain, heralded ‘coherent vision’ project for Diaspora

President Klaus Iohannis on Monday met the representatives of Romanian community living in Spain who came from all over the country to meet the President and his wife at a hotel in Madrid.

Klaus Iohannis thanked them for honorably representing Romania and for being an example of patriotism, while unveiling that the Presidential Administration initiated a process of implementing a coherent vision for the Diaspora and a dialogue with the main institutions.

“I began by understanding the situation, the problems and concerns of the Romanians living abroad. We initiated a dialogue with the representatives of all institutions that have responsibilities in this sector, with all those who have and should have a great say in it. Please, see my visit here in the same context,” Iohannis pointed out.

In the President’s view, the authorities in Bucharest should consider a tighter relation with the Romanians abroad and more efficient consular services. “I have all these things in mind,” he assured.

The Romanian head of state also told Romanians living in Spain that, although “the moment of November 16 (when he was elected president) is a little bit faraway in time”, “nothing has changed for him as far as commitment and determination are concerned.”

“There are things that have moved on and changed in the Romanian politics. There are projects that we’ve accomplished such as the National Defence Strategy, for we sat on the dialogue’s table, for we put the joint targets ahead political rows. There are projects that are going slowly, as the change resistance is still very high. But the path we are set on is the promised one: the path of a different kind of politics, that should include more integrity and decency,  respect for law and for people, dialogue,” Iohannis said.

He explained that the National Defence Strategy can ensure Romanian citizens’ security and can protect them wherever they are, by diplomatic and legal means.

Iohannis urged Romanians in Spain to be united. “I know your heart is at home. And our best answer, the ones in the country, is to build that Romania where you wish to come back to,” he concluded.

After the speech, the President and his wife talked to the people, took pictures and received small presents like books and albums. The first lady got a tricolor bracelet.

The Romanian community in Spain is the largest foreign community in Spain. The latest statistics reveal that at the end of last year in Spain there were over 950,000 Romanians with residence permit.

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