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Renovation works at the Israel's Embassy in Bucharest, staff asks for the visits to be scheduled

Israeli Embassy confirms joint government sitting in November

Israel’s Embassy in Bucharest has confirmed the joint Romania-Israeli Government sitting taking place in early November in our country. The Israeli minister delegation is to be led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The embassy of the state of Israel confirms that the joint sitting of the two government will take place in early November. It is a G2G meeting and minister of the Netanyahu cabinet will be part of the delegation,” the embassy announced, also saying that the topics of discussion will tackle bilateral relations, the relation with the EU, as well as the Romanian-Israeli cooperation in various fields. „As for the relocation of the Romanian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, this is a topic that will remain open,” the embassy noted.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Romania and the joint gov’t sitting were initially scheduled to take place this month, but they were eventually postponed.

According to a statement of Israeli ambassador in Bucharest, Tamar Samash sent to our newspaper on July 2, the Romanian-Israeli G2G meeting in Romania due in August was to be rescheduled for October or November.

Romania’s Government has been informed about the postponement. Prime Minister Netanyahu voiced his intention to come to Romania accompanied by an official delegation which will enhance the bilateral ties,” read the Israeli ambassador’s statement.

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