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IT cluster launches in Bucharest

‘Different Angle’ IT cluster launched in Bucharest, being the first initiative of this sort in the Romanian Capital, after the one in Cluj founded in 2012.

Smaller than its predecessor in Cluj, which comprises 29 companies, Bucharest IT cluster is rejoining 11 IT companies, which joined forces to develop complex projects in the field. The first field targeted by the new organization is the smart cities’ one.

The companies comprising the new cluster have a total of 400 employees, half of them being software engineers, but the organization will also generate new jobs. Its target is to train 50 IT graduates by the end of the year.

The main target of an IT cluster is to access far biggest projects than a single company would succeed.

Most of the companies rejoined in the Bucharest cluster are competitors, but they also collaborated in the past for joint projects.

There are 2,000 similar clusters in the European Union.

Cluj IT is a cluster based organization founded in October 2012, formed of active organizations in the information technology field: providers of software services and solutions, universities and research institutes, public bodies and other catalyst organizations.

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