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Judicial Inspectorate chief, Lucian Netejoru, has plagiarized the PhD thesis – sources say

Judge Lucian Netejoru, Chief Inspector of the Judicial Inspectorate, has plagiarized almost all the contents of his doctoral thesis about Public Order and National Security, filed in 2010 to the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy in Bucharest, PressOne quoted by digi24.ro informs.

Lucian Netejoru reportedly has used only three books to get the title of Doctor with the paper titled “Managerial Particularities in International Police Cooperation for the Prevention of Money Laundering”.

According to PressOne, at least 140 of the 294 pages of the PhD thesis are copied from volumes signed by Quaestor Costica Voicu, former head of the Romanian Police and former Rector of the Police Academy.

Costică Voicu was one of the reviewers in the support committee that granted Netejoru the PhD title.

The quoted source reads that Professor Ştefania Georgeta Ungureanu, coordinator of the Netejoru’s doctoral thesis, was sentenced to imprisonment on suspicion for having cheated the Police Academy.

Lucian Netejoru has informed, through the spokesman of the Judicial Inspectorate, that he does not want to comment on this issue.

PressOne also recalls that Lucian Netejoru’s mandate with the Judicial Inspection was extended upon the intervention of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea.

Earlier this month, the Government has approved an emergency ordinance regulating the way in which the Interim Management of the Judicial Inspectorate is established. One of the reasons put forward in support of the need to adopt the GEO was that on September 1 the mandate of the current Judicial Inspectorate management has expired, and there is no statutory provision specifying how the interim leadership is appointed.


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