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Judicial Inspectorate releases protocol concluded with SRI in 2016

The Judicial Inspectorate (IJ) has released, on Tuesday, the cooperation protocol concluded in 2016 with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). The Inspectorate claims that during the period when the protocol was in force, it didn’t request or send data and information to the SRI.

The IJ requested, on March 28, 2018, the declassification of the Protocol. The Protocol ceased to produce effects on March 8, 2017.

IJ also argues that it started no disciplinary action based on this protocol, hotnews.ro reports.

The Protocol was signed in 2016 by the Judicial Inspectorate chief, Lucian Netejoru and by the then SRI deputy Director, Florian Coldea, and the notice of legality was given by Prosecutor Gheorghe Stan, head of the IJ and by Dumitru Dumbrava, the head of SRI Judicial Directorate.

Article 3 of the Protocol reads that the cooperation is based on the law and on the protocol, with strict observance of the parties’ competence and attributions, by the effective capitalizing on the anticipated identification possibilities, on preventing and combatting the disciplinary misconduct of magistrates and the timely removal of facts that could affect the performance of justice or the achievement of national security. (2) The Romanian Intelligence Service shall transmit: (a) upon request, any information relating to the proceedings under the jurisdiction of the Judicial Inspection; (b) ex officio, any information related to acts or deeds suspected of being classified as disciplinary misconduct committed by magistrates.

Article 4 stipulates that the Judicial Inspectorate, following its own prior checking, according to the law, shall communicate within a reasonable time the usefulness of the data and information transmitted by the SRI and, respectively, the way of capitalizing.


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