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JusMin, Senate Speaker retort to the Venice Commission’s preliminary report

After the Venice Commission has published on Friday the preliminary report on the laws of justice with a series of recommendations for the authorities, Romanian Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has stated on Monday that the report is an intermediate one and that Romania is to draft a response for the Venice Commission, to which the Ministry will contribute if required.

First, it’s a preliminary report, which means that the commission itself will conclude and probably complete the report by autumn, the October session. Second, the three justice laws have been initiated by the Parliament, which means that the most suitable answer and most motivated must come either from the initiators of the three laws or from the members of the Committee that adopted them,” minister Toader said.

In his turn, Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu has had a tougher stance on the Venice Commission on Sunday evening, slamming the preliminary report and claiming that from the judiciary point of view, the report is ‘extremely narrow’ and it is in fact a political opinion.

It’s a political document, a political opinion released by the Venice Commission. It’s not normal. The Venice Commission should have analysed the judiciary topics, not the political options,” he told Romania TV, mentioning the Commission’s reference to the section investigating the prosecutors’ deeds.

“The Venice Commission is treating these things very lightly, it scares me.

As for the political options that we have in the field of criminal policy, in the field of judicial organization, I think the filters we had and worked, including at the Constitutional Court, had been enough,” Tariceanu argued.

The Venice Commission’s main recommendation for Romania was to preserve the role of the President and the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) in the procedure of appointing and revoking the DNA and DIICOT prosecutors and the Prosecutor General.

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