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„King Ferdinand” Frigate, under NATO command

„King Ferdinand” Frigate has entered NATO command as of Friday, more precisely under the command of the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) and will carry out operations of monitoring the maritime traffic within the Sea Guardian Operation, says a Ministry of Defence press release.

According to the commitments assumed by our country to the Alliance allies, „King Ferdinand” Frigate is part of the forces made available to NATO, and the Romanian Naval Forces are thus contributing to endorsing efforts to ensure regional security and stability. After ending planned training within the <Mavi Balina 18> exercise, organized by Turkey, the Romanian military ship has entered under the MARCOM command as of Friday, October 5 and is conducting monitoring missions in the Mediterranean Sea within the Sea Guardian Operation,” the press release informs.

There are 240 military onboard „King Ferdinand” Frigate.

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