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Kovesi spying scandal: One of the Black Cube employees fled Romania. The suspect passed through the customs in a taxi

One of the suspects wanted by authorities for allegedly spying on the DNA chief Laura Kovesi Codruţa managed to flee from surveillance and to cross the border at Giurgiu, according to Euractiv.ro. Another arrested suspect has confessed that he was paid EUR 5,000.

The suspect wanted by SRI and DIICOT that fled the country is one of the former Mossad officers involved in the action conducted in Romania by Black Cube private company.

“One of them managed to leave the country by taxi, at Giurgiu customs, towards Bulgaria. At that time two of the suspects had been already detained, i.e. Ron Weiner and David Geclowitz,” judicial sources have told EurActiv.ro.

The sources refused to disclose the name of the person who managed to flee, but in the arrest warrant issued by the judges, presented last week exclusively by Rise Project, there are two other names of employees of the Israeli firm Black Cube that have not been caught: Dan Zorella and Avi Yanus, both being presented by the investigative journalists as founding members of this company, and also former officers of Mossad.

Sources close to the investigation said that one of the detained suspects refused any cooperation with the authorities and made no statement, allegedly it is about David Geclowitz.

On the other hand, Ron Weiner, a young IT operator aged 25 has made testimonies and said he received EUR 5,000 to break the e-mail accounts belonging to Laura Codruţa Kovesi’s father, to her former husband, whom she divorced about ten years ago, and two other judicial officers who worked with the DNA until 2014.

The investigation against the group of Israelis began in March, when the father of the DNA chief prosecutor received several phone calls inviting him to a conference. A former prosecutor, he considered suspect the fact that he is invited, especially that the person on the phone ‘spoke poor Romanian’. He reported everything to his daughter.

This is how Laura Codruţa Kovesi informed the Protection and Guard Service (SPP) about this incident, while SPP informed the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). In turn, the officers have informed the Criminal Investigation and Forensics Department with the Prosecutor General’s office. Further on, the file was sent for investigation to the Prosecutor’s Office of District 4 Bucharest Court to be investigated as act of harassment.

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