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Photo credit: Vlad Iosif

La Grunj, the Copacabana Sugar Loaf from Buzău

“La Grunj” White Stone is a geological natural reservation in Mânzălești village, Buzău County, in one of the most spectacular regions in the Curvature Sub-Carpathians, at the confluence of Slănic river and Jheab creek.

Lying on 0.025 hectares, revealing a unique pyramidal shape, the rock is 18 meters high and 15 meters width and displays a cross on its top.

The rocks in its composition were formed by water and wind erosion and by the accumulation of white ash tuff mari. Its pyramidal silhouette is stuck by another rock made of dacitic tuffs originating from volcano eruptions, dating back some 20 million years ago in the Miocene era.la grunj

The shape of the rock is due to the constant moulding by the rainwater but also by Slanic River. The White Stone’s shape reminds of Copacabana, the Sugar Loaf in Brazil.

The access to the natural reserve is on DN 2 linking Mărăcineni to Sapoca localities, then it follows on DJ 203 K, on Beceni-Vintilă Vodă-Mănzălești-Lopătari route.

Once in the neighborhood, tourists can also visit some other sites in Buzău county, such as Meledic Plateau, Muddy Volcanoes, Focurile Vii from Lopătari, Lake Mocearu or Limpede Lake in Bisoca.

Meledic salt mountain

Meledic salt mountain

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