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Liviu Dragnea at the Supreme Court in ‘referendum file’

Social-democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea showed up on Tuesday at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court), the judges are expected to discuss the appeal to execution filed against a sentence of two years on probation received in the so-called ‘referendum file’.

On arrival at ICCJ, Dragnea made no statement to the press.

Initially, Dragnea filed the appeal at the Bucharest Court, but the court declined jurisdiction in favour of ICCJ. The appeal to execution is an extraordinary appeal.

In early February, Liviu Dragnea announced that he has begun proceedings to reopen the ‘referendum file’ by lodging an appeal to execution in court.

Social-democrat President Liviu Dragnea was sentenced in April 2016 to two years of probation in the referendum file – the decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Supreme Court) being final.

Dragnea said at the time that the sentence is ‘profoundly unjust’.

In the referendum file Dragnea was accused of using his influence or authority by a person holding a managerial position in a party in order to obtain for him or for others undue benefits.

“Dragnea’s actions were to determine people to vote. The lack of turnout was seen as trifle, not as a right of the citizens. The defendant saw the voters as some objects that should be taken out of the houses and directed to polls,” the prosecutors argued during the trial.


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