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Lottery Director, dismissed after only ten days in office

Mihai Paduraru, appointed as Romanian Lottery Director ten days ago, has been dismissed from office by a Board decision.

Paduraru was appointed in office on August 10, 2017 and took over the position from Marius Pantea, who hasn’t succeeded in buying new terminals for the Lottery.

Interim director, replacing Paduraru, is as of Monday, Danut Sporea, the head of the Economic Department.

Last Thursday, Paduraru announced the Board of Administration he has signed a EUR 7.2 million contract to buy new IT networks for the company and more than 2,000 terminals. According to digi24.ro the acquisition has raised questions regarding the alleged over-evaluated price.

The company refused the free offer that reportedly would have spared the company of millions of euros as expenditures. However, the acquisition was to be conducted through a company with a long history of public contracts, without any experience in the field.

The world leader in the industry has participated to the auction, but has withdrawn after seeing the restrictive clauses in the specification. This acquisition continues the series of damaging contracts that cost the Lottery over EUR 1 billion during the past 24 years.

Two days after Mihai Paduraru signed the contract for 2,000 terminals, he has been dismissed.

About Mihai Paduraru, nobody knows nothing. There are no pictures of him, and while he was in charge of the Romanian Lottery he did not publish his resume and the wealth statement.


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