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Man dies in front of Rovinari hospital, criminal file opened

Gorj County police officers have opened a criminal file for manslaughter, after a man felt sick Friday night in front of the Rovinari hospital and then died.

The man had just left the hospital, where he had been given antibiotics treatment, but he was not hospitalized on the grounds that there would be no more available beds. Witnesses say they went to the hospital and called for a doctor and for the ambulance parked at the hospital entrance, but they were told to call 112. They also say that the man started to feel very sick after an injection in the hospital during the day, ziare.com reports.

The representatives of the Gorj Police Inspectorate said Friday morning that the police officers have opened a criminal file in rem for manslaughter. The Police were told by hospital officials about the man’s death and necropsy is going to determine the cause of death.

According to local media, the 57-year-old man went to Rovinari hospital on Thursday, diagnosed with acute pneumopathy. In the afternoon, he was given an injection and in the evening he received the same treatment. Witnesses said that after the second injection the man’s hand swelled and was sweating. Allegedly he did not remain in the hospital because the medical staff told him that there was no bed available and advised him to come back the next day.

So the man left the medical unit and then he felt sick on a bench in front of the hospital. All the witnesses say they went to call the doctor on duty but also the ambulance in front of the hospital, but they were told to call the emergency number 112, the man being helped by more women until his son came and carried him back to the hospital, but the doctors were unable to save his life.

Doctor Roxana Gherghina, who consulted the man, said that there were initially no available beds, but later she found a bed in another physician’s unit, and decided that the patient could stay there. She says she did not know that the man had gone home.

She also says she did not go to grant the first aid to the patient, fallen in front of the hospital, as she is not allowed to leave the medical unit.

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