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Measles outbreak, 3 children have died

Measles outbreak, 3 children have died

Measles epidemic in Romania has made victims, as three children have died, the latest case was recorded in the past few days. Moreover, according to the Ministry of Health, in the past eight months there were 675 confirmed cases of measles, against only 7 last year, digi24.ro informs.

“In the first eight months in Romania were recorded 675 confirmed cases of measles in 23 counties. Two children have died. A third death suspect of measles was recorded in last few days, but a final confirmation is awaited. As compared to 2015, the increase is more than alarming. Last year there were only 7 confirmed cases and no deaths from measles,” a press release from the Ministry of Health reads.

“The Health Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the irresponsible campaigns against vaccination of children. Their results are seen, for example, in the increase in measles dozen times in one year. In Romania, in the last two years, there were no major problems in the supply of the MMR vaccine. The three deaths occurred for children younger than 1 year, i.e. under the age of vaccination against measles. These children died useless and meaningless. In a community with optimum vaccination coverage, all children under 1 year are protected by the so-called group protective effect. Put simply, the three deceased children could have been protected by the non-appearance of measles at older children, over the age of vaccination, if they had been vaccinated,” the release reads.

In the affected areas, the National Institute of Public Health recommends children vaccination at the age of 7 months, with the normal vaccine at the age of one year.

Distribution of cases by county:

– At the border between the counties of Cluj and Bistrita Nasaud (219 cases)

– Mures County (145 cases)

– Arad County (113 cases including 2 deaths of children under 1 year)

– Timis County (71 cases including 1 death of child under 1 year)

– Suceava County (27 cases)

– Brasov County (33 cases)

– Salaj County (7 cases)

– Hunedoara County (14 cases)

– In Caras – Severin (13 cases)

– Alba County (3 cases)

Sporadic cases of measles were confirmed in unvaccinated individuals.

Apparently the measles pest holes woud have been tracked down at the border of Bistrita and Cluj counties in Transylvania in the some Roma migrant communities that hadn’t vaccinated their children. Over 200 childred in these two counties have been identified with measles.

“We tried to establish the outbreak route, the Roma communities have also been abroad where other measles cases had been reported, but we couldn’t identify the initial source,” said the deputy director of the Public Health Direction in Bistrita Nasaud.

The social workers in the county explain that there are Roma communities in the area and they didn’t have their children vaccinated as they have been migrating this year, they have been in Italy.

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  1. My daughter is required to get 16 shots just to return to her public middle school. The government has no right to force me http://helpmebro.com/posts/hBorwuUPaK

    • Your child is entitled to a public education, but you are not entitled to endanger the other children. If you do not feel you should vaccinate your child, then you should home school them.

    • My vaccinated family says ‘you’re welcome for your healthy kids’
      Hopefully no one dies due to your ignorance.

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