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Media tycoon Adrian Sarbu, detained in tax evasion case
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Media tycoon Adrian Sarbu, detained in tax evasion case

The anti-corruption campaign went on Sunday evening with a high sounding arrest, the one of businessman media tycoon Adrian Sarbu.

Sarbu was detained for 24 hours by the prosecutors, being charged with instigation to money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement. He was taken up by warrant at the General Prosecutor’s Office where he was informed he is charged in the tax evasion file involving Mediafax Group.

While leaving the Prosecutor’s Office handcuffed, the media tycoon said it was all a set up, considering the accusations as ridiculous. According to Sarbu, the Mediafax file is targeting to destroy the media institutions that he has created in the last 25 years.

“The Mediafax-Adrian Sarbu case was set up at the order of Pontaghita (editor note: PM Victor Ponta and businessman Sebastian Ghita) and of their court clique and targets to destroy Mediafax, Gandul, Ziarul Financiar, media institutions that I have been building for the past 25 years and whom I have kept as politically independent. It is a typical case of state terrorism upon media institutions pushed towards dissolution or selling to political groups of interests, which is presented to the public as a glorious action against tax evasion and money laundering,” Adrian Sarbu stated in a press release issued to Mediafax.

Several persons are prosecuted in this file, and three are placed under preventive arrest for tax evasion and money laundering within Mediafax news agency.


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