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Mirel Radoi resigns from Steaua! Then comes back on his decision

Mirel Radoi has resigned on Friday from FC Steaua Bucuresti (FCSB) after the defeat against Norwegian team Rosenborg on Thursday 3-0 in Europa League play-off. Radoi’s mandate lasted less than three months.
Extremely calm after the clash with Norwegians, when he announced he would continue as coach, Radoi changed his mind on Friday morning. During the night he weighted each variant and decided to communicate the players his decision: to leave Steaua, prosport.ro informs.
Even if the owner Gigi Becali has assured him that he has unlimited credit, the perspective of further changes in the team (the owner wants to give up more players and to lower the wages to a minimum), but especially the attitude of the fans, who vehemently contested him during the last two games, have counted decisively in the decision.
Radoi went on Friday morning to the team’s training camp, where he informed the players about the decision.
However, hours later he was summoned by financier Gigi Becali and after talks Radoi decided to go back on his decision and remain with the team. “It took me hours to convince him to stay,” Bacali told the press. Becali also added that Radoi agrees with the fact that several players will have to leave the team.
Steaua is on the 6th place in Liga 1 standings after 7 legs, 4 points behind leader Astra. All the team’s goals this summer have been compromised: the qualification in the Champions League and almost certain a failed qualification to the Europa League groups. Moreover, with Radoi at the helm, Steaua have failed to register a victory at home, regardless of the competition, out of 7 attempts.
Steaua scored 6 goals in 7 legs of Liga 1, the worst performance in team’s history in the last 10 years.
Ever since his appointment, Radoi was challenged as coach by the media. Initially, the media insisted he has not yet graduated the Baccalaureate, and then that he is allowed to sit on the bench, although he is not licensed.

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