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Mokol, the glasses cat

The Czech Center in Bucharest continues the Fiction Tuesdays screenings with a new movie. “When the Cat Comes” directed by Vojtech Jasny is screened this Tuesday, March 13, at 8 p.m.

Fiction Tuesdays, the spring edition, brings six Czechoslvak fiction films of the New Wave, which are less known in Romania. However, the films are iconic for the Czechoslovak cinema. They are selected to fit the sci-fi and fantasy patterns, with some of them having a comic substratum.

The first two films, Ferat Vampire and Ikarie XB 1, have been warmly welcomed by the movies lovers.

„When the Cat Comes” is a fantastic story with psychedelic tints about the human behaviour, a film which transcends the childhood and becomes adequate to every stage of life. The film was awarded the special jury prize at Cannes in 1963 and a special mention at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1964.

Old Oliva used to tell children all kind of stories, planting the seed of fantasy in their minds. One day, he tell them about his youth and the time when he was a sailor and shipwrecked on an island where he met the beautiful Diana and her cat, which was always wearing some sun glasses.

When somebody removes the glasses from the cat’s eyes, the cat has the same feelings and personality as people: red for lovers, purple for hypocrites, yellow for coward, grey for unfair, etc. Everything changes when a mysterious ambulant circus is coming to town, led by a magician and his beautiful assistant, Cassandra and her cat, Mokol. When is not wearing glasses, Mokol sees the people the same way, in as many tints as possible.

A film about the human behaviour is seen through the eyes of a foreign observer-Mokol-a cat which can see the locals just the way they really are, revealing their true personality through various colors and shades that become representative for the personality and feelings of each of them. Therefore, the cat becomes the symbol of trutht and honesty, especially for the children who end loving it. But, what happens to those who are not bathed in such warm colors?

As the film is suitable ofr all ages, children are also welcome to the film, at the Czech Center in Bucharest (11 Ion Ghica street), on March 13, at 8 p.m. Gates open at 19:30 and viewers will be welcomed with hot tea and enthusiasm. The entrance is free, subtitle in English.

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