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Moldovan Constitutional Court passes Basescu’s citizenship to law courts

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova announced that the legality of the Moldovan citizenship withdrawal for ex-Romanian president Traian Basescu, is exclusively up to the law courts, Radio Chisinau reported on Wednesday.

The Constitutional Court says that the notification filed by the deputy Grigore Cobzac (the Moldovan Liberal Democrat Party, set up by former Moldovan PM Vlad Filat) didn’t comply with the stipulation on the Citizenship Law of the R. of Moldova, according to which the head of state’s decrees on this matter can be challenged to the Supreme Court of Justice in six months. Therefore, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the citizenship withdrawal matter is exclusively up to the courts.

PLDM deputy Grigore Cobzac notified the Constitutional Court in Chisinau last week related to president Dodon’s decree that stripped Traian Basescu of the Moldovan citizenship. In his notification, the DemLib lawmaker says that Traian Basescu “is a good, frank friend of the Republic of Moldova”, while asking the court to acknowledge the presidential decree as being unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the leader of the Moldovan Liberal Party, Mihai Ghimpu, says that the former Romanian president doesn’t need the Moldovan citizenship and that he‘d better take care of the problems in Romania “to initiate laws that will make the country develop, be more attractive for the Moldovan citizens, to complete the union”. Ghimpu argued that Traian Basescu shouldn’t have received the Moldovan citizenship in the first place as Moldova is just a part of Romania and he wouldn’t need the R. Moldova’s citizenship.

Moldovan president Igor Dodon on January 3 signed the decree stripping Traian Basesuc of the Moldovan citizenship, arguing that the former president of Romania would have instigated “to the elimination of the Moldovan statehood” through his statements.

Traian Basescu and his wife became citizens of the Republic of Moldova on June 9, 2016, and swore-in on November 3. However, the decree on the citizenship withdrawal doesn’t refer to his wife, Maria Basescu.

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