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Moldovan Constitutional Court rules for the temporary suspension of President Igor Dodon

The Constitutional Court in Chisinau has ruled on Friday the temporary suspension of the Moldovan president Igor Dodon following a complaint filed by the Government regarding Dodon’s denial to sign a decree to appoint the Defence minister, deschide.md reported.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova has determined that there are justifiable circumstances to declare the interim position of the republic’ president and therefore the decree appointing Eugen Sturza in the position of Defence minister is to be signed by PM Pavel Filip or by the Parliament speaker Andrian Candu.

The court has ruled that Igor Dodon’s denial to sign the decree “represents a serious breach of the duties and of the oath taken when the president swore into office”.

Igor Dodon has asked, through his representative Maxim Lebedinschi, the challenge of the constitutional judges who examined the Government’s notification on his temporary suspension, but his action was overruled.

The Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu yet underlined that the procedure of declaring the interim president position does not suspend Igor Dodon’s entire presidential term.

“If the Constitutional Court determines there are justified circumstances to declare the president’s office as interim, it will refer only to the signing of the decree on the Defence minister’s appointment and the swearing-in ceremony. It does not refer to other cases, to a day, hour or a certain period of time, or to the general mandate of president Dodon,” Candu explained.

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