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Moldova president Igor Dodon wants to cancel agreement on NLO opening in Chisinau. 'Romania, ready to absorb us at any moment'
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Moldovan President Igor Dodon counters pro-union stance of some localities in the republic

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has taken the first step to counter the action of several localities in the republic that had signed a symbolic declaration of supporting the union with Romania and announced on Wednesday that 53 city halls had signed ‘pro-statehood’ declarations against the union with Romania. He claimed that other hundreds of localities will join this action, Unimedia.info reported.

His move comes after at least 12 localities in the R. of Moldova have signed symbolic declaration in favor of a union with Romania.

The ones who wanted to test how patriot the Moldovans can be, can see the result now. In less than 24 hours, most of the councilmen in over 50 city halls, have signed pro-statehood and anti-union declarations. Every day their number will keep on growing, hundreds of localities will sign similar declarations to support the Republic of Moldova’s statehood. Moldova has dignity, has future!,” Dodon posted on Facebook.

Except for several local councilmen who are either drifted or bought with money, the rest of the citizens are strongly opposing any unionist action or declaration. The unionist movement is not only unconstitutional and criminal. It is also the expression of national humiliation and treachery. I regret some have fallen for this ideological plague,” the Moldova president added.

Igor Dodon has had several tough stances on this topic in the past week. He on Tuesday that he is outraged by the action of the pro-union localities and that “the twist flopped with the union topic”, while last week he stated that the pro-union declaration are anti-popular, unconstitutional and against statehood.

Pro-Russian Dodon also said several days ago that union with Romania would mean civil war.

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